First Visit

Our goal is to ensure that your child's visit to our office is positive and memorable. Please help us prepare your child for his or her first visit to the dentist. Here are a few suggestions you may find helpful:

  • Present the visit as a fun and exciting experience.
  • Tell him or her that we will "count", "brush" "shine" and take "pictures" of their teeth. Utilizing these terms will help your child better understand the purpose of the visit.
  • Please avoid negative phrases that may cause anxiety to your child such as "drill", "shots," etc.

When should the first visit be?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children be seen by age 1. This is especially important if it is your first child, so we can answer questions and give you suggestions as to how to better care for your child's teeth.

When should the first "official visit" be?

We recommend your child be seen for a first official visit around age 2. Before any treatment begins, we will review any questions or concerns that you may have, then show and explain to your child what we are going to do.  We will show him or her all of our "tools" and encourage your child to touch them. This familiarizes your child with our tools, to make them feel more comfortable before putting anything into their mouth.

This first visit consists of a complete dental exam and cleaning, which includes checking for cavities, and checking their bite for correct alignment of the teeth and jaws. Radiographs will be taken only if needed.

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